Go slow on amendments to the land law

Once again, the detested appetite to mutilate further our rather young \r\nnational constitution is out of the woods, and is rearing its ugly \r\nhead!!

Government Welcomes ULA's New Strategy for Managing Land Conflicts

Government has welcomed Uganda Land Alliance's National Engagement Strategy (NES) as a new mechanism to tackling land injustices in the country.

UN-Habitat visit male champions and female advocates in Mukono

On May 17, a team from Global Land Tool Network (GLTN), an extended arm of UN-Habitat visited some of the beneficiaries of the gender related activities implemented by Uganda Land Alliance in Mukono district.

Ugandans embrace 2015 Land Awareness Week

With the hope of learning and getting new ideas on land, hundreds of Ugandans thronged UMA Conference Hall-Kampala from December 7-11th -2015 to take part in the [2015]-Uganda Land Awareness Week.
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The Uganda Land Alliance (ULA) is a membership consortium of national, regional and international civil society organizations and individuals, lobbying and advocating for fair land laws and policies that address the land rights of the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and individuals in Uganda. The Alliance was established in 1995 as an independent non-governmental legal entity, registered as a company limited by guarantee.

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