Apac Land Rights Information Centre

The centre was established in April 2006 with the aim of fulfilling ULA's core mission of enhancing the capacity of the most vulnerable people to protect and gain access to land.

The Center is located at Asidi Quarters, Kole lane off Hospital road. It is fully fledged and equipped with computers, a photocopier, scanner, generator, office phone, motor vehicle, and motorcycle among others assets that ease communication and mobility in implementing land rights programs.

The Center is also comprised of a grass root structure of 60 paralegals and 30 traditional leaders who volunteer to act as agents in supporting the center during implementation of community based activities.


At the time the center was started, its operations were restricted to only six sub counties within the district. However, due to the increasing demand for services, the center has grown to extend operations to fully cover all the 11 sub counties of Apac district.

Since her inception, the centre has promoted land tenure security as a viable source of livelihood for the people of Apac. The goals include an effort to ensure tenure and livelihood security; sustainable management and protection of property (land); governance and conflict management.