Paralegal Program

Nyeko Morris, a paralegal in Amuru district with Pirimera Alanyo whom he supported to regain control over her late husband's land


In order to create a community support system for the\r\nprotection of women, men, children and the minority groups, ULA embarked on the\r\nprogram of training community volunteers as Paralegals. Under the paralegal\r\ntraining program, key people in the community like religious leaders, teachers,\r\nretired civil servants, opinion leaders and women leaders are identified,\r\ntrained and equipped with basic knowledge on land laws and land rights to help\r\nthem handle land related cases in their respective communities. Paralegals are\r\na basic resource in the communities, which play a big role, that includes:


  • Disseminating information on land and land rights among the communities through sensitization.
  • Handling land disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Monitoring Land rights violations in the communities.
  • Referring communities to the rightful Institutions for redress.

ULA has a paralegal model in the districts of;

 Kapchorwa, Mbale, Apac, Pader, Amuru, Katakwi, Moroto and Luwero

For sustainability of the interventions initiated, ULA promotes and has gone further to support the formation of Paralegal Associations. With the paralegal associations in place, ULA will have minimal support towards the paralegals and eventually, these associations will remain self reliant.

The districts where paralegals have formed associations are;

  • Kapchorwa
  • Luwero
  • Apac
  • Pader

The Paralegal Associations are now able to lobby for their own funding and conduct activities, with minimal support form ULA.

ULA is consolidating its protection and promotion of women's land and property rights in Luweero as a learning centre for the other Land Rights Centres on the use of the paralegal structure and community volunteers to protect and monitor women's land and property rights in a bid to prevent women's vulnerability and discrimination on land and property ownership and control.

Currently, ULA is implementing a paralegal monitoring project focusing on women's property rights. Paralegals are sensitizing the communities on the basic laws on property rights as well as handling property cases.