Membership Deed

Criteria for Application

a) Organizational

An Organization shall qualify to become a member of the Alliance if it fulfills the following criteria:-

i) Shares the Alliance vision and organizational values.

ii) It is a registered Organization.

iii) Does not have a political mandate or is non partisan.

iv) Has among its objectives land related issues and has an interest in land issues.

v) Is willing to share information on its objectives, activities and programmes with the Alliance and make meaningful contributions to the Alliance¡¯s programmes when called upon.

vi) Is able to pay membership fees to the Alliance.

vii)  Can commit sometime in the fulfillment of its objectives to an activity related to land rights protection or partner with the Alliance in one way or another with regard to that activity.

 b) Individuals

Individuals shall qualify to become members of the Alliance if:-

i) They show interest in Land issues

ii) Are willing to pay membership fees

iii)  Possess some basic understanding of the land question in Uganda

iv)Can commit some their time to the activities of the Alliance whenever called upon