Procedure for Application

i) Membership to the Alliance will be upon application and approval by the Executive Committee of the Alliance.

ii) Application forms provided by the Alliance on request will be filled in and delivered to the Alliance. Attached to the forms will be the Organization's profile, which details their mandate, objectives, activities, districts of operation and interest in land issues. A copy of the registration certificate and other relevant information on organization structure must be attached to the application or a letter from the L.C.1 for CBOS.

iii)  Individual members will be required to fill in an application form and attach a reference letter from one of the members of the Alliance.

iv) The Executive Committee will examine the applications. The new members will be communicated to in writing and then will be required to pay membership fees and can be listed as members of the Alliance. The Executive Committee sits every last Thursday of the odd months of the year.

Membership Requirements

i) Completed application form.

ii) L.C.1 recommendation for community based organizations.

iii) Letter of recommendation for individuals from an existing member.

iv)Organizational profile and Certificate of registration. Information on structure objectives and activities must be included.

Categories of Members

i) Membership to the Alliance is at three levels as follows: Organizational, individual and honorary non paying.  Honorary members can only be selected by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Assembly.

ii) Honorary members shall include all organizations or individual committed to the Alliance objectives with observer status and non- voting powers. These may be other alliances, networks, government institutions and departments or agencies, individuals e.t.c.

Dissolution of Membership

i) A member who wishes to withdrawal from the Alliance shall submit notice of 21 days stating their/his/her intention to willfully withdrawal to the Executive Committee.

ii) One shall cease to be a member of the Alliance if they engage in activities that are illegal or detrimental to the Land Alliance objectives or activities.

iii) One shall cease to be a member if she/ he fail to pay annual membership fees for two consecutive years.

iv) Notice shall be given to members before scrapping them off the membership list.

Annual Membership Fees

Individual and Community Based Organizations are required to pay U Shs.50, 000=

National and International Organization are required to pay U Shs.150, 000=