Campaign against Land Grabbing

The increased need for large expanses of land by both local and international investors is a common occurrence in Uganda today. Since there is no longer plenty of unoccupied/idle land to the magnitude required by the investors, large scale evictions of the inhabitants in most cases without prior consultations and compensation, leading to landlessness and loss of livelihood sources are some of the consequences. Loss of land does not only lead to hunger, but loss of property, livelihoods, water scarcity and related issues such as children dropping out of schools and social unrest. Above all these, incidences are characterized by gross violation of human rights.

It is against this background that Food Rights Alliance (FRA), under the leadership of the Uganda Land Alliance (ULA) and the thematic group on land and natural assets, launched a national campaign on April 26, 2012 aiming at stimulating national and global debate on land grabbing and amplify it in the public domain for informed decisions and free consent in land investments and negotiations. To date, the land grabbing and mass evictions debate is a household notion across the country and among groups of people including technocrats and politicians. The development of globally recognized principles and guidelines on land investments and recent pronouncements by His Excellence the President of Uganda on these issues gave a new twist and hope to the populace.

Goal of the campaign

The campaign goal is to ensure tenure governance in Uganda that supports food security, poverty reduction, sustainable resource use and environmental protection. In order to achieve these, the campaign is guided by the following objectives:

  • To raise awareness among the different sections of society to mount pressure on government, investors and their financiers for reforms in trade and investment practices.
  • To evoke change in policy and practice regarding land grabs and land investment in the country.