About the Women's Land Rights Movement

ULA has over the past few years increased its activities around women's land rights, by ensuring that in the National Land Policy and the review of other national laws on land, the issues of women stand out prominently. However, despite the successes and the acceptance of integration of these into policy and law, the practice has not changed. Women are still discriminated against in relation to land access, ownership and control; thus the need to address the issue from a practice change dimension.

It is against this realization that ULA invited a group of organizations and government departments to rethink the women's land rights question in Uganda in a bid to develop a common agenda and strategy to achieve practice change towards poverty reduction and improved household incomes and nutrition.

The Women's Land Rights Movement was thus born on the 2nd June 2010 with four government ministries (Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development; Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries; and the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs), plus over 13 Civil Society Organizations working around women's issues in Uganda. The first and major activity of the Movement was the National Women's Land Rights Conference that took place in October 2010, attracting over 400 participants from across the country and beyond.