Women's land rights advocates

Under the women land rights program, ULA enhances capacity of women advocates through refresher training to enable them address women's land rights issues. From the trainings, women are able to identify areas that had not been understood earlier in relation to the various experiences they face while carrying out their work.

The training of women advocates has resulted in an increased level of articulation of women's land rights. In Kibaale, for example, the women agreed that there was need to develop new approaches to influence different people like the cultural leaders and men.  One of the approaches adopted is engagement of head teachers of both primary and secondary schools to use their influence on parents to buy in on the issue of children's education through proper nutrition and good health which is mainly provided by the women through farming.

The knowledge acquired by women advocates contributes significantly to protecting the rights of many widows. Women advocates testify that, as a result of the knowledge acquired from the trainings, they have become reference points in their communities.

Another significant achievement of the women advocates is the success registered in lobbying men to include their wives' names during purchase of family assets.

In Pader, women have started participating in clan meetings which is a good step towards realizing women's land rights amidst a very strong clan based traditional system where women rights are not recognized.

Summary achievements of women advocates

  • In Kibaale, 5 women were assisted between April and August 2012 to buy land jointly with their husbands and their names were included in sale agreements.
  • In Mbale, 8 women bought land in their names and 16 bought land jointly with their husbands.
  • In Ntungamo, 10 women bought land in their names with the guidance of women advocates.
  • In Mukono, 15 grassroots women testified having more control over land and other household items after acquiring knowledge from ULA.