Land, gender and Agribusiness

The systems of land ownership have further complicated women's access and ownership of land and its use for economic production, to the lack holding of land titles to their land by the   majority of Ugandans.  While 83% of women are employed in agriculture, only 16% own registered land.  The NDP attributes the unequal ownership of land  housing to disparities in incomes of men and women, with men owning most of the houses except for family houses classified as matrimonial property as decreed by the Land Act 1998 (Cap. 277) to be jointly owned by spouses. It also acknowledges women's powerlessness over land use and decision-making due to lack of ownership as well as low levels of awareness over rights accorded in law.

Since 2010, Uganda Land Alliance has been implementing a Women's Lands Rights Project in five districts namely, Mukono, Mbale, Pader, Ntungamo and Kibaale. These districts are spread across all regions of the country, that is, central, East, north, and west respectively. The project is aimed at enhancing the quality of life of women and entire families through security of tenure so that women are able to access, control and own land. This project also aims at creating social movements of women at individual, household and community level to transform gender relations around land.

ULA has built the capacity of women through training to enable them demand for their rights. They have also been equipped with skills so that they are able to utilize their land to fight poverty and uplift their socioeconomic status. At least 50 women in each of the five districts have benefited from the training.

The trained women who are currently working as women's land rights advocates have started building alliances in their communities to bring their cause the agenda of public dialogue in their communities. This is anticipated to arouse public interest in gender and land issues in communities where they are currently considered trivial. Many communities still regard women's property rights with suspicion since land and other property ownership has for long been a preserve for men.