Land Rights Protection

A community land rights awareness meeting in Kotido district, North Eastern Uganda.

ULA supports communities to set up traditional land governance structures through formation of communal land associations (CLAs) and mapping of common lands to secure their tenure. The CLAs formed in Karamoja region are the pioneers of a community-led organised structure which had virtually remained on paper since the issuance of land regulations by the government in 2004. CLAs will be registered and issued with certificates of ownership for the areas under their jurisdiction.

 Raising community awareness on land rights is a key activity in ULA¡¯s work. This is done through holding community outreach awareness sessions, distribution of information education (IEC) materials and media programmes.

Legal empowerment is a necessary component of poverty alleviation efforts and it is one of the tools that Uganda Land Alliance is using to fight for the land rights and interests of the poor and vulnerable individuals and communities. It is done through legal education and advice, mediation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR), counselling and court representation. ADR is conducted by both the land rights centers and paralegals.