About Uganda Land Alliance

The Uganda Land Alliance (ULA) is a membership consortium of national, regional and international civil society organizations and individuals, lobbying and advocating for fair land laws and policies that address the land rights of the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and individuals in Uganda.

The Alliance was established in 1995 as an independent non-governmental legal entity, registered as a company limited by guarantee.

Our Vision

A Ugandan society with equitable access, ownership and control over land.

Our Mission

To promote people centered land governance that recognizes and protects the rights of the poor and vulnerable through advocacy for fair land laws, policies and empowering rights holders for sustainable  Livelihoods.

  1. Increased land rights awareness among poor women, men, children, and other marginalized groups
  2. Lobby and advocate for fair land laws and policies to protect and promote the land rights of poor women, men, children and other marginalized groups
  3. Effective participation of members in the Alliance's programs, and enhanced collaboration with other organizations and institutions
  4. Efficiency and effectiveness in the planning and management of the Alliance¢®¯s programs