Land Observatory

The Land Observatory is a one-stop electronic centre on ULA website where answers to land queries are obtained with credible reference using the available resources. The observatory has been designed in a manner that allows the visitor to download the entire content of the available resources in a variety of formats at no cost. It is a free resource for civil society organizations, governments, business, multilateral institutions and all other local and international actors dedicated to identifying, assessing and addressing land issues in their areas of operation.  The key objective of the land observatory is to enable all stakeholders to access information on land and effectively engage in discussion of land related issues that can lead to legal reform.

The land observatory includes;

  •  Acts/statutes/policies
  • Analysis of land matters with reference to existing laws and decided cases
  • Major legal documents
  • Photo gallery
  • Video gallery

This is a cheap opportunity for you to explore our rich resources on land matters.  Send your questions and suggestions to