Pader LRIC\r\ncarries out the following activities:

  • Community awareness on land rights / land\r\nlaws, HIV / AIDS mainstreaming, and community resource mobilisation
  • Dialogue meetings with the communities on\r\nsocial issues that affect them
  • Community debates on land rights with regard\r\nto traditional norms and practices
  • Training of community structures on land\r\nrelated issues like the traditional justice system, paralegals, councilors, local\r\ncouncils and traditional leaders
  • Monitoring the involvement of the community\r\nstructures in land related conflicts and dispute resolution
  • Data collection on the trends on land rights
  • Advocacy and lobbying for improvements in land\r\nrights administration
  • Litigation for the indigent community members
  • Mediating in land cases reported to the office
  • Offering legal advice to persons who consult\r\non land matters
  • Referral of cases which are not within the centre¡¯s\r\nscope of operations
  • Conducting legal aid clinics
  • Media campaigns via radio