In 2013, Amuru LRIC started engaging in litigation to support the indigent people in the district to protect their land rights in the face of large scale land acquisitions.  Other activities the centre carries out include:

  • Conducting community based land rights awareness sessions
  • Conducting legal aid clinics in remote areas
  • Capacity building of formal and informal land administration structures  and institutions
  • Mediating in land conflicts
  • Research and advocacy on key land issues
  • Paralegal monitoring and support
  • Building networks and capacity of partners in land rights protection


Since its establishment in 2009, the centre has achieved the following:

  • Handled over 200 land cases and promoted peace through alternative dispute resolution (mediation)
  • Built capacity of informal and formal land administration institutions in conflict management and land laws hence improving their response to land issues
  • Improved community access to land rights information through community outreaches and legal aid
  • Supported the poor to protect their land through litigation on probono basis
  • Established a platform for leadership dialogue on key land issues which has addressed common land questions such as fraudulent sale of land
  • Empowered paralegals for rights awareness, conflict mitigation and referral of land cases
  • Became a stop centre for researchers and academicians from within and outside the country
  • Enjoys a good working relationship with the district and other development partners