Awareness creation has been conducted through radio talk shows and dialogues with communities in an organized manner. The awareness creation and the need for peaceful existence along the border necessitated holding leaders' dialogues. Until today, leaders from Karamoja and Teso regions are involved in special dialogue meetings that help to foster peace and more awareness creation. Today, both the political and cultural leaders from the warring tribes attend public events in both regions. The President of Uganda has taken over the effort and is looking forward to announcing the border between Karamoja and Teso. As the two regions wait for the announcement on the border line, ULA is following up the matter with the Ministry responsible for lands and the president's office. The LRIC continues to create awareness so that community members avoid encroaching on the disputed areas and minimize death threats.  This public campaign is supported by the 20 trained paralegals and 30 traditional leaders from Katakwi district.

 Access to justice is central to ULA's work in Katakwi as well. Initiatives have been undertaken to bring together judicial officers in the region, the police, land professionals, land administrative structures in the districts, paralegals, traditional leaders and the community members. The initiative is intended to harness coordinated implementation of land justice delivery and demystifying these structures to the communities thus, making them more accessible. This will also foster the appreciation of the role the informal land justice mechanism plays in the reducing land conflicts.

Other activities carried out by the centre include litigation for the poor, mobile legal aid clinics, research, and capacity building of paralegals, traditional leaders and other land administrators.